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tv   ABC15 News at 11AM  ABC  October 11, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm MST

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. first at 11:00, we are learning more about the man killed after a chase involving dps on the loop 101 near desert ridge. >> we are learning the man involved believed the feds were after him all along. >> it is i've got documentations. >> that is a portion of a voicemail he left for a reporter here at abc 15, talking about a child custody dispute in california. his facebook page shows several posts about conspiracy theories and even talked about broadcasting the end of his life live on social media. dps says the man nearly ran over a trooper who was trying
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slammed into several cars. he was shot and killed when officers saw a weapon. others had been warned to be on the lookout for him. street racing to blame for a crash that left no survivors. now three young men have families that want others to learn from their mistake. a charred tree marks where two of the guys were ejected, their car igniting the damage to the two vehicles is so bad police had to use vin numbers to figure out what type of car it actually was. family says they tried to warn them that racing without their seat belts was extremely dangerous. >> to always wear your seat belts. they say it's the law. wear it for safety. you never know when somebody's going to cut you off or something. but that's what the seat belts
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young men got his car as a graduation gift. it is still unclear how fast they were going. a police chase in mesa wound up in a neighborhood where two people bailed out and ran into a home near broadway and horn. officers tried to pull the driver over for driving with his brights on but instead he took off. officers backed off after he started running red lights at high speed, so a helicopter led fi right now a man is recovering after getting hit by a car. he was in a wheelchair near 19th avenue and dunlap when he was hit. police have not said if he was in the crosswalk at the time. the driver we are told did stay on the scene and officers at this point don't believe impairment was a factor. >> reporter: happening now, a big day for the so-called toughest day in america. his fate is playing out inside
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participate in person, instead deciding to phone this one in. >> reporter: this is the first hearing with the new judge and prosecutors who could ultimately decide to charge sheriff arpaio. if convicted, he could face jail time and have to pay big fines after a judge told sheriff arpaio to stop over latinos. he didn't listen and admitted in court he violated the orders but said it was unintentional. this is a day before early voting begins and arpaio is seeking reelection. katie connor, abc 15 news. nice out there this morning. >> i was out walking with dan earlier.
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warmer. >> that's going to be the trend here, typical october in the valley of the sun. lots of sunshine, cool mornings and warm afternoons. that's on tap through today and the next few days. already temperatures are warming. we are in the mid- to upper 80s now after starting out in the 60s to 70s. starting to feel a little toasty out there, 80s for mesa and glendale and chandler. this afternoon we're back in the 90s up to 95, 94 in mesa, phoenix 95 today. that puts us above average again. this trend looks to continue. we are tracking a couple disturbances across the state. whether those will bring changes, coming up in a few minutes. three more people have been confirmed dead in north carolina, bringing the total
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the president approved governor mccrory's request for federal disaster aid. three people are still missing and more than 200,000 people are still without power. overnight a jet blue plane made an emergency landing after leaving sky harbor. it was heading to boston when a passenger had a medical emergency. the pilot had to make a quick turn towards denver. the passenger was treated and is doing okay. the founders of the new times magazine are being held without bond. two years ago michael lacy and jim larkin donated $2 million from a lawsuit against the county and they are in trouble over the current website, investigators say the two are profiting from prostitution. the website faced scrutiny by law enforcement across the country for allowing
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adult services. here in arizona there are big decisions you don't want to miss on the ballot. megan thompson is in mesa with how the state is taking action to keep you informed. >> you probably have that big booklet at your house but it can be super overwhelming. the secretary of state wants to help you make the right decision. behind me tonight there will be a town hall meeting at the public library. this is the spot they will be going over everything, clearing up confusion and allows you to ask questions. both sides of the aisle will be represented. the secretary of state hopes people will take advantage of this because it's free and open to anyone. if you're interested, take a look at the screen.
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at the mesa public library near main and country club. tonight is very important because this location is one of the only ones in the phoenix area. there are several others across the state but this one is local for those in the phoenix area. if you want to look at all the locations, go to back to you. new at 11:00, a powerful group taking action against the measure to legalize recreational pot. this morning the arizona association announced it is opposed to prop 205, claimings it will bring a rise in crime, drugged driving and accidental ingestion by kids in arizona. trump is vowing to fight back this morning. the creator of the apprentice threatened anyone who releases footage from the show. he is in florida today attending a rally in the state. clinton is campaigning with al
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voters how close this election will be. gore lost by the narrowest margin in 2000. coming up, how you can take action to stop the spread of the flu. >> and a superhero the latest masked villain, but one clue could lead to his arrest. >> and the fair is going ro and hosting a number of big acts. are you going to go to one? hop onto to let us
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ready or not, flu season is officially here. over the next several months thousands of people will become infected but there are ways to
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>> the most important thing can do to minimize the impact of the flu season is to get vaccinated. >> according to doctors at the cleveland clinic, get the vaccine as soon as it's available because the strain of the flu is likely to change midway through the flu season. also remember to wash your hands and stay home if you're feeling sick. some people like to burn off their anger with a workout. now researchers say it may not be a good idea. a new exercise when you're stressed can triple your risk of having a heart attack within an hour. that risk is the highest between 6:00 p.m. and midnight. and we encourage you to know your numbers, your blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol and weight. learn more at up next, police want to
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>> and we are already in the
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about someone targeting cars parked at the peaks, smashing windows and taking stuff from inside. it happened around 6:45 a.m. yesterday, and police reminding you to hide your valuables or take them with you. tempe city officials are dealing with a different issue, crews cleaning up the park because homeless camps keep popping up and trash is left behind. the city is spending thousands of dollars to clean that up, so council members will discuss what to do about this at thursday's council meeting. this was a fire overnight in guadeloupe, along i-10 near
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close to neighboring homes. firefighters were able to keep the flames from spreading. preparing to fast and pray for atonement. tonight is the beginning of yom kippur, the holiest and most solemn holiday of the jewish year. in jerusalem, men and women begin to fast and pray beginng fasting lasts through tomorrow. temperatures are going up. we already have some 90s in the valley. we'll start warming up after starting in the 60s. that was nice. but we are already warming into the upper 80s with a few 90s popping up, too.
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surprise, maricopa, 90 and 91 degrees already. the rest of us, 88 in glendale, deer valley 86 as well as anthem and cave creek. it's 88 in tempe chandler and mesa, and phoenix and sky harbor in the mid-80s right now. as you plan the lunch hour, maybe heading to lunch soon, know that we'll go from 86 now up t90 so a bit warm as you head out, sunny skies staying in the forecast as we head into the afternoon. we'll keep the clear skies in the forecast even as we go through the next few days. something you may notice over the next few days, because of that sunshine and because of the air being stagnant, we won't get any strong winds or rainfall over the next few days. the air quality will get a little worse, so you may notice
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you're driving into town. ozone concentrations and dust and smoke particles are inching up a bit. no air quality alerts but if you're sensitive, know those pollutants are getting back up into the moderate range over the next few days. we also have cooler air aloft. we could see those the moderate change over the next few days. meanwhile, we're dry, no systems bringing us major changes. we have a weak disturbance across the northern half of the state today but the rest of us looking dry through today. that disturbance will quickly go by. going into tomorrow, we have another disturbance moving in. you can kind of see that dip in
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as that area of low pressure dips through, we'll only get a passing cloud or two. we're dry through the end of the week even into the weekend. through 5:00 this evening, mostly sunny skies statewide. tomorrow also looking mostly sunny as the next disturbance rolls in. here is 6:00 tomorrow, not seeing much cloud cover and not seeing any rain as disturbances move through. it will be a dry week and as country also looking dry early next week. no signs of rain for the next seven days. the wind will kick up across northern arizona today, gusting at 30 miles an hour through the afternoon. here in the valley, winds are fairly light between 5 and 10 miles an hour. highs today make it into the mid-90s across the valley, putting us again above average. we'll have cooler mornings,
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day forecast. >> this week lori hernandez can't keep up with the perfect tens, a little stumble during a dance. one storyline that may have surprised you, you may have seen jana kramer opening up about a past abusive relationship. she hopes her story will empower other women to get help. disney is venturing into a whole new world right now. aladdin will be getting a new live action remake. the classic starring robin williams as the geeny geeny.
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years in the wedding business in a big way. two wedding gowns inspired by two disney princesses are being created. there are 9 more dresses in the works as well for brides. >> and if you're not quite ready, how does a disney vacation sound instead? we are giving away two family four-packs of tickets each day. watch for the weather word of the day from 6 to 7:00 a.m. every morning for your chance to win. find out good luck. . still ahead, your next best friend could be here right now. >> and two girls are home safe after going missing.
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james p. walsh: to keep our community safe - we need a sheriff who will put fighting violent crime ahead of his own political agenda. paul penzone has been a decorated crime-fighter for over 20 years. task force agent of the year. paul penzone caught murderers, put drug kingpins behind bars, and created award-winning programs that protect our community. paul penzone...
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. just into the news room right now, a big bomb shell at the federal courthouse. prosecutors say they will be charging arizona sheriff joe arpaio with criminal contempt of court over the immigration patrols. the u.s. attorney announcing the decision to move forward just moments ago. we'll have much more throughout the day, prosecutors saying they will charge sheriff joe arpaio with criminal contempt of court over those immigration patrols. switching gears, we have someone just chilling here. what is this? you're on live television, dude.
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humane society. who do we have here? >> looking for a new home, he was rescued after being hit by a car. actually colby is kind of a hero because he donated blood to save a little poodle at our sh that. >> there was a very anemic poodle that needed a blood transfusions and he was the donor. >> looks like he has a great temperament. >> he's so sweet, good in the car. he's about two or three years old, house trained, and loves everybody he meets. especially if you give good
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up? >> yes, along with animal welfare agencies in the valley, hosting an event on saturday. it's called pit pa plaza. we are giving out $15 vaccinations and there's a gr that's at metro center mall, so stop by and check that out, especially if you're a little stereotypical of the breed. come down and meet these guys. . don't base your judgment just on the breed alone because
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ambassadors out there. >> all right. thank you. >> still a lot more to come. we are learning more about the girls who are back home safe after disappearing. what investigators know so far and what's next. >> and new developments surrounding the dangerous fire here. the number of people sheriff paul babeu was headmaster at desisto school in massachusetts. a boarding school rife with abuse. a lot of things went down that probably shouldn't have. this isn't about abuse or neglect, because none of this was found. except these records show the state found it, students and parents testified about it, and a judge ordered it to stop. the cornering, the sheeting, i didn't know how to live and function as a normal human being.
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sheriff joe arpaio set to enter a plea of not guilty, and a trial date has been set for early december. we are told no arrests will be made. again, we told you just a few minutes ago that prosecutors will be charging him with criminal contempt. >> the department of justice is also looking into possible obstruction of justice charges. we do have a reporter there on the scene and i know she was going to be this point she's trying to get some interviews. hopefully we'll have more later in the newscast. still developing, two different scenes that could have ended really badly. this morning two young girls are back home after they disappeared. in phoenix, police are questioning a mother's boyfriend after the girl was found at a friend's house swimming. but the boyfriend failed to
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later. and in mesa, the last two days are a mystery after police say jade coyle walked home. you'll only see the video of her returning on she had a change of clothes and a phone. a valley father said he was doing the right thing after police found his 5-year-old son locked in a car. brad porter jr. told us his family has been homeless since 2014 and claims a friend gave him the 20 bucks in the hopes of getting enough money to get a room for the family for the night. >> should have made better decisions for the family, you know. i thought my son would be okay right now. >> police say the two also reeked of alcohol and they found a container of marijuana. he's accused of breaking
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brian tibbets admitted to breaking into the home but said an accomplice killed the dog. 90,00090,000 people without power after this former mobile refinery in california is on fire. shelters have been placed for people nearby. at least one person was transported from the facility by balance. california is dry and there is a new brush fire in napa county. this is video after residents were forced to evacuate. the small fire is threatening homes and refineries.
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right now. we are learning more about a vicious bear attack in california. for the first time, we are hearing from the man who was attacked not by one but two bears. >> hard to imagine until one attacks you and you just feel the strengths of the jaw and the body. i knew that he was attacking me. i did not fight back. >> that was dan richmond, hiking when bear on its hind legs. so he started walking backwards, but went right toward a second bear who knocked him to the ground. amazingly he should be okay. wildlife officials are now hunting those bears. right now hillary clinton appears to be widening her lead against donald trump. the latest nbc poll shows the
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points. the rest of the voters are split between gary johnson and jill stein. . >> i will continue to be known as the maverick. >> john mccain is still running for president. i'm running to be arizona's senator. >> senator john mccain and representative ann kirkpatrick squaring off in person with their first and likely only debate last night, sparring over the affordable care act that shwa says scrap it. mccain also calls for new drone technology at the border and more manpower to patrol. kirkpatrick says immigration reform is key and will benefit the economy. >> do you trust crew donald trump's finger on the nuclear button?
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him. do you support hillary clinton's finger on the button? >> i do. >> okay. you want to continue to support someone who's continuously lied to the american people. . >> the senator also said he might write in fellow republican lindsey graham. the comments appear to be tongue in cheek. trump is now fighting back with this speaking of the election, early voting starts tomorrow here in our state. we want to remind you there are town hall meetings happening all month long to help you get up to date on the ballot measures. >> the five candidates running for a corporation commission
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in phoenix during the debate. the five are vying for three open seats. the debate starts at 5:00 and it is not open to the public but you can watch it on pbs. and flagstaff voters will decide whether to continue a sales tax to fund the bus service for another decade. another open house on the issues is the valley may be dry now but some parts of the state are still trying to dry out after a weekend storm. stafford unified schools will be closed for two weeks after major flooding at several school buildings. now we are hearing from the superintendent, who says in the meantime they are doing whatever they can to help students. >> we did just find out from our food service company that we're going to offer breakfast, lunch and hopefully dinner to students and families at our
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program. that should be a huge help. >> they plan to reopen october 24th. and students in glendale have been away from their schools. both challenger and landmark schools will be reopening next monday. they have been closed for weeks for repairs in those buildings. residents in mesa hoping to qualify for low income housing, applications were supposed to open up today but it's been pushed back to early december. we have all the info you need to apply at a major makeover is happening on the light rail only 19th avenue. a nonprofit group is helping spruce up the area from 15th avenue to 23rd avenue. they are trying to reduce crime
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and overall rebranding. coming up, it is a deal of the day you don't want to miss. >> and samsung forced to face two big issues head-on.
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our smart shopper team has a deal of the day that's sure to leave you and relaxed. >> reporter: we are off 32nd street and indian school for all sorts of services like botox to cool sculpting and all sorts of pampering services. now you can try it without breaking the bank. if you call by wednesday at noon, our smart shoppers get 50% off laser hair removal,
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and the holiday facial treatment. you have to use the service by december 31st. we'll have information at . >> oh, my. it's a hard job apparently. still to come, two major smartphone makers in a showdown over patents. the company accusing ripping off their design. >> and coming up, where to look to see if your facebook account has been hacked.
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right now the dow is down 244 points, sitting at 18,086. one company watching its fall overnight, samsung. this comes as the company issued a major alert for customers, asking them to power down and turn off their galaxy note 7 replacement phones, issued after the original versions were recalled. samsung officially halted production of the smartphones and ordered retailers to stop selling them. this morning the supreme court started hearing arguments in a patent dispute between samsung and apple.
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apple $589 million. but a test proposed could be used and have ripple effects on other cases in the technology industry. allegiant airlines could have problems going out of mesa. flight attendants rejected the airline's latest contract offers and are now threatening to strike. the group is looking for a pay raise and better benefits and more sick time. there's a new store in scottsdale, an outlet store from saks fifth avenue. it will open thursday at 10:00 a.m. at the promenade, offering customers luxury brands with deep discounts. similar locations are in chandler and glendale. blue bell creameries can't catch a break, now recalling
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the popular ice cream still isn't for sale in arizona but it's in 16 other states, so you may know someone that loves that ice cream. this comes after an iowa-based company recalled cookie dough linked to possible listeria contamination. good morning, joe ducey here. has your facebook account been hacked? how would you know it and how do you prevent it? most of us k been breached when we see posts and messages from us that aren't ours. >> there's a system built into facebook and allows you to look and see where you have logged into the account. >> reporter: go to the where you logged in page under security settings. >> if you see something in tennessee and you don't have anything in tennessee, somebody has your user name and password.
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authentication. >> every time facebook sees something they don't recognize, they'll send you a special code. once you put that in, you can say don't ask me on this. >> reporter: and use different user names and password for different accounts and change them frequently. thursday, october 20th, we'll be at the tempe marketplace talking with experts insurance, child support and more at the tempe marketplace district stage. see you there. workers are wanted in the valley. if you're looking for work, check out the fall career expo in mesa today. there will be more than 85 employers there and thousands of people are expected to attend. it goes until 2:00 at the mesa convention center. a growing trend in new
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nationwide. towns there are showing support for police by painting blue lines on streets. this is in response over protests over police use of force. >> they run great programs for the kids during the summer, the police academy and the junior police academy. i've always appreciated their efforts. >> so far many towns have painted the blue lines and police departments say they appreciate the public's support. nothing says tm a high five, even a handshake. >> plenty of options there. the phoenix suns hope that will lead them to a championship. a professor at uc berkeley says the teams around the nba that have more physical contact win more games. so the suns, coming off a terrible season, guess it can't
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they have also been doing yoga. >> they have been posting pictures of the whole team doing that, bringing them together. >> give it a shot. >> we are all behind them, for sure. getting ready to plan your day today, plan on warm temperatures. i'm ready for basketball season just so it can get cooler. but we are still looking at warm days ahead. we have beautiful conditions across the state. as see the i-17, beautiful clear skies up north. if the kids are off for fall break this week, it may not be a bad week to head to the high country. it will be cooler and they have beautiful fall colors in spots. especially across the white mountains. here in the valley, looking great too, but feeling warmer. we have sunny skies as we look live with the phoenix valley
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valley cities. glendale, you've already hit 90. 89 in tempe and 88 in mesa but we are heading to the 90s for the afternoon. maybe you have errands to run for lunchtime, and temperatures are likely in the low90s across the valley. today's high up to 95 degrees. this is a yesterday's 96, but that's still above average .30-year average, 91. temperatures running above average still in the next couple days. clear skies by 6:00, our sunset happening just before the 6:00 hour. temperatures are still in the 90s but will start to cool into the 80s after that. a nice night ahead, on the warm side still. the desert doppler is clear across the valley and really
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we had a few light showers across the northern border of state this morning, clearing out. and we are in for a dry day today despite the fact that we have a disturbance moving across northern arizona. it will bring some breezes up there but that's it. we are dry through the rest of the day and clear in the valley through the next 24 hours, even through the end of the week. we have another disturbance moving through tomorrow. 6:00 tomorrow evening, again looking at clear to mostly clear skies through the next few days. a few passing clouds at times but that's it. if you want to go to the car wash, we have mostly clear skies through the end of the week. temperatures will drop on thursday down into the low 90s, and a few spots ending up in the high 80s. we're back in the mid-90s by friday and into the weekend. 95 in phoenix today, 90s across
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winslow tonight. we have 40s overnight for show low and lows in the upper 50s for spots like casa grande. here in the valley, temperatures are cooler tomorrow morning than the last couple morns. overnight lows in the mid-60s to kick off our wednesday morning, so not a bad start to the day if you want to get early morning activities done. know that the afternoons will be warming into the mid-90s each day. mornings are down in the mid- to upper 60s as we head toward the weekend. an adventure is setting out on a 2600-mile expedition in a canoe. pat daly will paddle from new york city to mexico using intercoastal waterways. he's going to be fishing for
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homes of people he meets along the way. i would pack pop tarts because that would go horribly for me, fishing for food. >> the trip will be documented on his true transient youtube channel. last year he hitchhiked from florida to california. >> >> to see all the top videos every weekday go to stay with us for the recap to have the i learned as a police officer and a businessman you should never abuse people's trust. unfortunately, today too many politicians either serve their party or themselves, and arizona families suffer. the arizona republic called paul babeu a disgrace.
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s questioned by the fbi for using public money to promote himself. o'halleran: i'm tom o'halleran, and i approve this message,
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sexual assault and rape. out-of-control corrections officers arrested. but not one served a day of time. sweetheart deals, because, with county attorney bill montgomery, some people are above the law, making us all less safe. a career prosecutor who believes in tough sentences for violent crime and equal justice under the law. vote for diego rodriguez. a county attorney for us all. . our poll of the day, we wanted to know if you were
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fair. just 20% of you said yes. one of our top stories, criminal contempt of court charges against maricopa county joe arpaio. the department of justice told a judge their intention this hour in federal court. if convicted, he could face up to six months in jail. he and his chief deputy were found in contempt of court this summer. at the time joe acknowledged violating the judge's order of racial profiling but insisted it was not intentional. a crash on loop 101 today, michael hoff believed the feds were after him. police had been warned about him after disturbing posts on social media. a driver with high beams on sparks a police chase in mesa. officers tried to pull over the driver but he took off. officers on the ground backed
11:57 am
running red lights at really high speeds. a chopper kept track of the suspects and led police right to them. one needed medical attention. good morning, guys. i know you've been talking about this and we'll continue to follow the breaking coverage on the sheriff joe arpaio situation, all the latest developments. also a story about, you would have to be crazy to run for president. there may be some that. that's all ahead on the now. >> that's a tease. thank you. we'll be tracking warming temperatures through the afternoon. today's high is 95, and warm temperatures through the afternoon but the mornings will be in the 60s. >> sounds good.
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i learned as a police officer and a businessman you should never abuse people's trust. unfortunately, today too many politicians either serve their party or themselves, and arizona families suffer. the arizona republic called paul babeu a disgrace. babeu spent $28,000 of taxpayer money at a five-star resort and was questioned by the fbi for using public money to promote himself.
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